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Is That Your Final Answer?

So today I took a flex day from work to drive to New York City, for a purpose that I've kept hidden from all but just a few people in case it blew up in my face.

That being said, I guess its safe to divulge what happened now that its over... I drove to NYC and back today to audition for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. (Yes, its still on.) On a lark, I had signed up for tryouts last month online, and received an email the next day telling me a time and place to try out.

So what was it like, you ask?

I got to NYC at about 12:15, after leaving straight from crew practice and very nearly falling asleep on I-95 several times. Not really the best way to prepare for a trivia competition, but what the hell, I'm an insomniac, I live on no sleep anyway. I had a 12:45 "appointment" for my audition. All I knew was what the email said, fill out a 3 page application with questions like "What should Meredith Vieira know about you?", and that I'd be taking some sort of written test, if I passed then there would be a short interview.

I arrived at the ABC building where a bunch of interns in headsets stood us all up against the wall (apparently a lot of people had 12:45 appointments). They then led us into a closed restaurant across the street where tables were set up with scantron sheets and number 2 pencils... SATs all over again! Thank god I aced those! ;)

The test was 30 question multiple choice, we had 10 minutes to complete it, and then our tests would be scored immediately so we'd know if we passed. Sample test questions:

What color is a typical daffodil?
A. Yellow B. Blue C. Pink D. Purple

What city is the northernmost world capital?
A. Oslo B. Reykjavik C. Helsinki D. Copenhagen

What magazine does not come out weekly?
A. People B. Good Housekeeping C. Time D. Sports Illustrated

So anyway, 10 minutes pass... I think I guessed on about 5 or 6 of the questions. They collect the tests start grading them. I'm trying to guess what a passing score is, would have to be at least 25 or more I think. They announce they will say the numbers of the people who passed, (we were assigned a contestant number). Out of 40 of us in the room (of which I was the youngest by at least 10 years), only 8 people passed.

I was one of the 8! :)

So the failing people all leave, and the 8 of us have polaroids taken and 5-10 minute interviews with one of the producers. Before that though, we were discussing some of the tougher questions. Based on everyone's answers, the passing score had to be at least 27 if not 28 or 29. Go me! Basically the producer asked me about my job, about crew, and about eating guinea pig, which I had mentioned on my application... no idea if it went well or not.

But basically the deal is this... sometime in the next month or so, I'll receive a postcard from Millionaire saying either "We are happy to tell you you have been entered into the contestant pool, and may be called to appear on the show," or "We're sorry to say you have not been entered into the pool, thanks for your interest." Even if they say yes, its still not certain that I'm in the show, but it would be cool... So fingers crossed!

Anyone up for some Trivial Pursuit? I might need the practice!
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